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Windshield Replacement & Repair in Dayton, OH

Proper windshield care is one aspect of automotive maintenance that drivers don’t want to put off. Damage to the windshield such as cracks and chips can worsen over time, making repairs more costly. If the damage is bad enough, the entire windshield may need to be replaced. The service department at Matt Castrucci Kia can help drivers looking for windshield replacement and repair in Dayton, OH and its surrounding communities.

Automotive glass is made up of many layers for added security. If only the outer layer is damaged, repair should be relatively simple. However, if the inner layers of the glass are damaged, then the windshield’s security is compromised and a replacement is in order. Damage to the corners of the glass and larger surface cracks will also require complete replacements.

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Common Causes for Windshield Damage

Windshields can easily be damaged by debris. Rocks getting kicked up by the tires of other vehicles and debris falling from the back of trucks are both common causes for windshield damage. The damage caused to the vehicle can vary from object size, the location on the windshield it hit and the speed of the object.

Drivers should seek windshield repair and replacement as soon as possible. In addition to impaired visibility, a damaged windshield presents a serious hazard if the vehicle is involved in a collision. Even if the windshield isn’t damaged by any further debris, cracks will inevitably grow over time due to the natural vibrations of the vehicle.

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