Why Drivers Need to Rotate Their Vehicle’s Tires

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What’s the Purpose of Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is the process of repositioning a vehicle’s tires in a specific pattern. Drivers are often told to rotate their vehicle’s tires but aren’t always given the reason why. Many drivers can’t help but wonder: What’s the purpose of tire rotation? We’ve fully explained the process and why it’s important below.

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Tires need to be rotated because it evenly distributes the wear they receive over time. Every position puts a different amount of pressure on the tire installed to it. Because of this, following a tire rotation pattern will maximize the read life of your vehicle’s tires.

The tire rotation pattern your vehicle should follow depends on a variety of factors. Your vehicle’s drive type, tire size and the availability of a spare should all be considered when choosing a pattern. Common patterns include front-to-rear, side-to-side, forward cross, rearward cross and X-pattern. An automotive professional can help you determine the most appropriate rotation pattern for your vehicle and tires.

Other Common Tire Questions  

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How Long Do Tires Last?

The lifespan of a tire can vary greatly. Poor driving habits, driving in poor weather conditions, undesirable road surface quality and a lack of maintenance can all greatly reduce your tire’s lifespan. The average all-season tires lasts three to five years.

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What Causes Tires to Wear Down?

All tires get worn down over time. Your tire’s treads will become shallower with wear, giving the tire less grip. Improper tire pressure and misaligned tires can both cause tire treads to wear down faster. High-performance tires tend to wear down faster as well.

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